Tribes of Himachal – Lahauls

Tribes of Himachal - Lahauls


The dwellers of Lahaul area are known as Lahauls.
– The people of Lahaul are mixed race of Tibetans who settled in Bhaga and Chandra valley, Aryans and semi Aryans of different stock, who came from west and started living here.
– Therefore Lahaul have evolved from cross breeding of Aryan and Mangolian racial types.

– But unlike the Lahaul valley, the Spitians are purely of Tibetan stock and no race of Hindu or Aryan blood is found there.


-A large section of Lahaulis used to go to Tibet for trade before 1962.
-Now for the business purposes they go to Kangra, Chamba, Jammu and Kashmir

-Their caste system traditions and social structure is akin to the Pangwals

-The Lahauls who lives in Lahaul and Spiti are divided into TWO MAJOR CATEGORIES. 1.THE UPPER CLASS
-It consist of Rajputs, Brahmins,Thakurs and Rathis,

– lower class includes Halis, Bhots and Lohars


1. Khattar -It is a long loose gown
2.Tobri -It is a type of  cap


1.TABHAGSTON – It is a type of theft marnage

-In arrange system parents of boy take a pot of chhang and visit the parents of the girl and explain their intentions.

– A Divorce is completed by performing kudpa chadche in which the pair makes a thin thread of wool and hold it by the little finger and pull it apart.


CHANG -It is a local beer made wheat or rice and barleyand
LUGRI is also a drink.

-VEGETABLES are cultivated all over the Lahaul Spiti except khoksar, where it is very cold.
Lahaul valley has also become famous for potato.

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