A spring is a natural flow of ground water.A spring is the result of an aquifer being filled to the point that the water overflows onto the land surface

Himachal Pradesh has several springs that are ideal for naturally heated, mineral-rich thermal baths.Most of the springs in HP are located in Satluj and Beas valley.


Generally there are three types of springs observed in HP:

1) Ordinary springs: Temporary or permanent passing underground water to the surface.


2) Mineral water spring: it has mineral dissolved in it.


3) Hot water spring: Quite popular in HP for their medicinal properties.


The origin of hot spring may be either magmatic where the hot molten thrust of the earth meets the ground water .The magmatic surface and the heated liquid emerges as hot spring.


They may be alkaline or acidic in nature.

They are rich in minerals like calcium, silica and sulphur.

1) Tatta pani:


In mandi ,it is 29 Km from Naldera located on the right bank of Satluj.

This is natural sulphur spring with curative power for various kinds of bodily and imaginative ailments.

Water level of spring rises with water level of the River.

Now a substantial part of this spring has submerged in the kol dam project.

2) Mani Karan:

It is 45 KM from Kullu.

Along the bank of River Parbati.

Temperature is well above boiling point.

Why this spring named ManiKaran?

According to a legend once a while Maa Parbati was taking bath here, she lost her ear rings in the kund(Pond). When she told it to Lord Shiva, He became furious and looked at the water of the kund with great anger. With this thousands of ear rings flowed out from the boiling water and since then the water of the spring is boiling. The name Mani-karan also means ear rings.


There is no sulphur or iron content in the water but it is said to be a radioactive spring.

The water is so hot that pulse,rice etc can be boiled and cooked in it.

People come here for the cure of their ailments such as pneumonia, muscular pain etc.

It is famous for a Hindu temple and Gurudwara.

3) Kasol :

It 1 KM further upstream Manikaran and 32 KM from Bhuntar(first airport of HP).

Located opposite to Nikhthan village on the bank of Parbati.

4) Khirganga:

It is 26 KM from Kullu

It is also hot water spring but not as hot as Manikaran.

5) Vashisht:

It is 3 KM from Manali.

Located on the left bank of Beas.

It is famous for temples of Vashisht Rishi and Lord Rama.

HP tourism Development Corporation have built Turkish type baths,500m below Vashisht village . Hot water from the spring is brought and stored in a huge water tank from where it is channelled to the bathroom of HPTDC.

6) Jeori:

At jeori in kinnaur, is a hot water spring.

It is situated at the right bank of Unu Nallah beyond Rampur-Bushahr on Hindustan-Tibet road.

Springs in Kangra:

1.Kopra a cold water spring, near Naduan.

2.Jawalamukhi a hot water spring.

3.Lunani spring a cold water spring.

4.Salol spring a cold water spring discovered by Captain A.Colman.

In the plum valley there is a spring near Baijnath.

5.Sulah a cold water spring.

Falls/Springs in Himachal:

1. Rahla water fall: near Manali in Kullu.

2. Satdhara water spring: near Panjpulla in Chamba.

3. Dhanchho water fall: Near Bharmaur,Chamba

4. Kalika kund: a cold water spring at Man in Chamba.

5. Chadwick water fall: Near summer hill in Shimla.

6. Bhagsunag water fall: Near Macleodganj, Dharamshala