Satyanand Stokes (1882-1946)

Satyanand Stokes (1882-1946)

✓He was son of Philadelphian engineer & Businessman well known for his contribution to elevator technology.

Arrived at leper home Subathu in 1905.

✓He was sent for relief work to kangra,then devastated by earth quake.

✓In 1910 bought a tea garden, got married and made “Barubagh” in Kotgarh his home.

✓He learnt Sanskrit and wrote a book ‘Satyakam’.

✓In 1932, he became Hindu and converted from Samuel evans to “Satyanand”.

Begar was abolished from Shimla because of his efforts.

✓Stokes introduced both apple culture of growing apple as a commercial crop for small farmer at height above 6000 feet in Himachal.

✓The varieties of Apple were Cox’s Belnhein, orange, Newton and Russet.

✓He introduced the technique of grading apples according to size, color and quality
before packing them.     

Vidya Stokes , first women speaker of Himachal Pradesh, and a well known face in Himachal politics is daughter in law of Satyanand Stokes

Satyanand Stokes (1882-1946)
Lalchand Stokes(son of Satyanand Stokes)
Agnes (Priya Devi) (wife of Satyanand Stokes)
Vidya Stokes ( wife of Lal Chand Stokes)