GLACIER-these are masses of ice which flow under the influence of gravity and have their origin in Snowfields. 

1.Cirque glacier-form in bowl-shaped depressions, called cirques,
2.Valley glaciers -fill former stream valleys with ice as they push outward from their zone of accumulation
3.Piedmont glaciers form when valley glaciers flow out of canyons onto the lowland adjacent to a mountain
4. Ice fields– are confined to large basins or plateaus having tall mountain peaks called nunataks protruding above the ice. Ice fields feed alpine valley glaciers
5. Continental glaciers -are vast, continuous masses of ice that originate in high latitudes and cover portions of a continent or island

-The local name of Glaciers in Himachal Pradesh is Shigri

A. Bara Shigri-
-largest glacier in Himachal pradesh
-it feeds the river Chenab
-it is said that glacier formed Chander tal lake by causing a major Havoc in chandra valley in 1936

B. Chota shigri-east of Rohtang pass
C. Gye Phang
-known as Manimahesh of Lahaul
-its shape looks like that of Matterhorn of Switzerland

D. Chandra glacier-
-in lahaul spiti
-it has been separated from Bara Shigri glacier
-it is source of Chandra tal lake from which Chandra river originates
-this lake(2.5km) is also known as lake of moon


E. Kulti-near koksar
-first sight of the visitors while moving from kullu valley to lahaul valley through Rohtang pass

F. Milang glacier-lahaul spiti

G. Gangstang
-in western border of Lahal
-drains into Shahsha nullah

H. Bhaga glacier-
-on the slopes of Great himalyan ranges in Himachal pradesh -source of Bhaga river.

I. Lady of keylong-
-name was given by Lady Elashainghday about a century ago during british ruling

J. Sonapani-
-surveyed by walker and pascoe in 1906 and kurion and munshi in 1957

K. perad

-within 1 km of putiruni

-perad in local dialect means broken rock

L. Mukkila and miyar
M. Dudhon and parvati
-impart water of parvati river in kullu Beas kund-near Rohtang in manali
-vyas rishi performed meditation here during Mahabharata

N. Malana glacier-kullu
-south of indrasan and deotibba peak
-this valley is referred to as the Shangri la

O. Bhadal Glacier-
-south west of pir pnjal in bara banghal of kangra
-it feeds the river Bhadal(tributary of ravi)

P. Triund
-in Dhauladhar Himalayas

Q. Gora glacier
-has receded in the recent past

R.  Chandra nahan

-near rohru in district shimla
-chandra nahan lake-source of pabbar river

S. Gara glacier
-part of Satluj basin
-Located in Kinnaur district


Other glaciers(in Chandra valley) 
-Ding karmo