Geography also plays an important role in prelims as well as mains of IAS/HAS


Step 1  is to focus on Basics : IAS/HAS always attempt to test your conceptual understanding of the subject. Thus getting hold on the fundamentals should be primary goal.

Step 2 Focus on Facts : Like every other subject geography is filled with facts, names and numbers thus it is important to keep a note of these figures. In fact this section is favorite section of HPPSC

TRY to focus on topics like

  • River System, their tributaries. (questions on Godavari, Brahmaputra and their tributaries have already been asked)
  • National park, wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Questions based on minerals, ores etc.
  • Climate Change, Indian monsoon.
  • Global events like Tsunami, earthquakes, Volcanic eruption with their geographical location
  • Agriculture- Cropping Pattern, Soil property
  • Facts and figures in world geography

Step 3 CENSUS is very important, when we talk about HAS. Therefore try to prepare this well



  • NCERT – Class 11th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Physical Geography
    • India physical environment
  • NCERT – Class 12th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Human Geography
    • India – People and Economy
  • Atlas: Orient BlackSwan  or Oxford School Atlas
  • Certificate Physical and Indian Geography – Goh Cheng Leong;
  • OLD NCERT Geography – Class 11th and 12th