Funeral Customs-

Funeral custom is in Himachal Pradesh is no way different than performed in northern India
-Somehow the customs associated with death are quite strange and
interesting in H.P. 

Customs in Himachal are-

As death approaches the sick man’s body is lowered on ground which is
are blown His head must point to north as soon as death occurs and Conchsell’s
and to reach at house of the decreased.

The blowing of Conchsell’s is a signal for the relative to burst out crying

-After death has occurred mustard oil or licensed oil lamp with a cotton
wick is lit and placed in corner of the room and covered with a woven
grass basket or either by eastern pitches.
-The body is laid on plantain leaves in courtyard bathed and then placed
in wooden/bamboo coffin.
-On the way procession stops at a few place where some stones and
leaves are placed in the name of dead man.
After reaching the half way a ceremony “Adhmargi” is performed.

Before consigning the body to the flames, a ‘Pind Dan’ -ritual feeding of
balls of cooked rice, sesame seeds and curds to birds and element in the
name of died one is performed.
It is considered favorable to add fuel wood (Lakri Pana) to the pyre.

On third day bones and ashes are immersed in Holy place like Haridwar,
Rewalsar. For ten days widow remove her marriage jewellary.

-On tenth day clothes are washed (Kapad Dhulai) and holy “Garud
Puran” is recited by Purohit or Charjee.

At the end of mourning period ie 10 days ceremony known as “Kriya
Karma’ is performed and immediately after this, in one to five dans

-another ceremony is performed ie ‘Solah’ (food is arranged for
relatives friends and villages)

Than after each year ‘Sharaddha’ is performed to commemorate the dead one
After four year a ‘Chatur Varshik’ is done.

It is only in Kinnaur 3 forms of custom were performed regarding death of a person:
1.Dubant: Drowning the dead body near river.
2.Bhakhat: Throwing the dead body in open field.
3.Phukant: Burning the dead body

Kinnaur district also has
Customs performed by Lama’s in time of death


On the 3rd day after death”Chholya” ceremony and on the 13
Damkochang‘ is performed -like Kriya Karma of people of plain-

In crimination ground Lama holds the body by the hair and tec prayer (Foa) in his ears thrice.

-For seven weeks Lama’s comes to the dead man house to recite se
sacred text (Chhos)
-At the end of seven week period the Lama and Jomo (an unmarried
became ascetic) read the text together and are than fed by farnály of dead