In 1956, a big change took place in the   Administrative set up of the State with the promulgation of State Re-   

Organisation Act, 1956. The State of Himachal  Pradesh was made a Union   

Territory with effect from 1” November 1956. This placed secretariat directly   

Under the control of the Chief Administrator and secretariat was reorganized Afresh.   

– In 1957, the Government of India created joint IAS/ IPS cadres for   

Himachal Pradesh and Delhi, 

– To provide democratic look to the  

Government of the State,   

Indian Parliament passed in December 1956 the Territorial Council Act’,   

1956. According to the provisions of this Act, a Territorial Council was   

Constituted on the model of a district board. This new arrangement may be   

Termed as ‘dyarchy   

The subjects were divided into two parts. All important subjects and issues   

Were with the central government, while territorial council was left to face the Wrath of public opinion.   


On ist May 1960, Kinnaur was carved out of 

CHINNI’ tehsil of Mahasu   

And fourteen villages of Rampur tehsil were also added to it. Kinnaur was   

Divided into three sub-divisions, viz.    

(1) Nichar (Nichar tehsil);   

(2) Kalpa   

(Kalpa and Sangla tehsils);    

(2) Pooh (Moorang and Pooh tehsil and Hangrang sub-tehsil).   


the number of assembly seats increased to 43


The new arrangement(Territorial council) created a confusion of a very serious nature in the   

Ranks of services. There was general demand from all quarters in favour of   

Scrapping of this system. To look into the loopholes of the system, the Central   

Government appointed a committee under Mr. Ashok Sen, the then Union Law Minister.   

The Committee in its report in 1962 recommended transfer of more   

Subjects to the Territorial Council’ to enhance its powers and bring it at par    

With the administration of other states. By this time, people of the state had   

Already started making demand for full-fledged legislature. The Government   

Of India, keeping in view the wishes of the people under    

-“The Government   

Of Union Territories Act 1963 provided legislative assembly in place of   

Territorial council   

-The re-organisation of the services took place with the   

Amalgamation of the services of the administration and that of the territorial Council.   

In 1965, it was decided to constitute separate civil and police cadres   

For Union Territories. Therefore, Delhi-Himachal Pradesh-Andeman   

Nicobar (DHAN) cadres were created on 1st December 1965.   


In 1966, on the reorganization of Punjab State, hilly areas of Punjab were transferred To Himachal Pradesh.   


In 1966, with the merger of Punjab hill areas with  

Himachal Pradesh,   

The new administrative divisions created were:   




4.Lahaul and spiti


The strength of the House was further raised to 63 (60 elected and 3 nominated) after section 24(3) of the Punjab Reorganisation Act, 1966 came into force in 1967   


Himchal Pradesh unit of Administrative Reforms (AR) December 1967, asked the State Department of AR to undertake a study of Organisation, structures and procedures of the Himachal Pradesh   

Administration as a whole to suggest a general reorganization with a view to   

Securing maximum efficiency and economy. 

Recommendations of the AR were implemented one by one after 1971.   

Himachal Pradesh got full statehood in 1971    

-On 25 January 1971, Himachal Pradesh became the eighteenth State of the Union of India vide the State of Himachal Pradesh Act, 1970   

-and so its own IAS and State   

Administrative Service called Himachal  

Administrative Service (HAS) cadres   

And its own Public Service Commission also came into existence.    

-This was Fifth reorganization of the services in twenty-three years.    

Himachal Pradesh got Statehood on 25th January   

1971, as the eighteenth   

State of Indian Union. On 29th August 1972, Kangra, Mahasu and Shimla   

Districts were reorganized as following districts

– Kangra

– Una

– Hamirpur

– Shimla

– Solan


Since 1972 there has been no Major/big change in Himachal pradesh except formation of Sub divisions, tehsil, sub tehsil etc.