Dear Aspirants,

In the course of this journey sometimes you might feel failures, Fatigues, Burnouts, Financial troubles, Family concerns, Social pressure, Age factor and what not! .

Even after putting in a lot of efforts, investing time, money and personal commitments, some guys will quit the journey, when they’re just close to success. You have to constantly motivate ourselves.Everyday, we have to wake up as a fresher and approach with the same Passion and same Dreams when we took this path

We understand that how it feels when you give 3-4 years of your life to one goal but still gets knocked out in Pre ,mains or in interview. We humans have a basic tendency to be affected by our emotions.It is difficult to digest failure. It is basic human nature. Failure makes you sad and depressed. Let us make a suggestion to you. Let your emotions drift in the direction they want. Be sad if your mood swings that way, cry loud if you can’t hold your tears and sit alone in your room if your heart wants so and take a break of 4-5 days and than get back to your goal.It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for Competitive exams along with your busy schedule like Job etc. Its just you need to Take time out of your schedule by creating a balance in your daily routine

Also, try to remember the day you had scored too less in one of the papers in your school. Do you even remember that day? If yes, ask yourself this question- what difference did that make to your life? We know that the answer in NONE! Our life is made of these small moments. However, one fact remains there for sure- No success is permanent and no failure is fatal. Believe in this philosophy, not only for this exam but for your life and you will remain happy.

Remember Failure is Just Temporary emotion don’t let it to disturb your peace. You are Strong and there might be some small mistakes that you might be doing in Prelims or mains. Try to give a Neutral analysis towards yourself and focus on your weakness. No one is born Intelligent or born with Extraordinary skills.Its just hardwork that makes you bit different from others and helps you to cultivate extraordinary skills within you


Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can